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Wow! Lauren Passell of Podcast The Newsletter wrote a wonderful review of the King James Virgin. Thanks Lauren!

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I celebrated Easter by unleashing a 2-hour seminar on the historical Jesus onto my husband, and I realized he had a lot of questions about Good Friday, the history of the Bible, and Christianity in general (my favorite topics.) It can be annoying when some people talk about religion, but it’s not annoying when I do it. I’m not trying to convert anyone, I just love history and ancient storytelling. Justin’s interest was piqued and he wanted to know how he could learn more, if there was a book or something. “Like the Bible?” “No, no, no,” I told him. “Don’t be silly. There’s a podcast for that.”

2009 was the year there was an app to solve everyone’s problems, and of course I could have given Justin a book. (Certainly not the Bible.) But in this moment in time, podcasts are the new problem-solving tool. They can teach us about history, how to do things, they can answer our questions and connect us, they provide us with comedy and interviews with interesting people, they deliver us book and movie reviews I COULD GO ON.

And they teach us about the Bible! I sent my husband to The King James Virgin, where hosts Adam and Alan relive the Bible stories from their childhood, along with their friend Nick, who is a complete novice to both the Bible and Christian culture at large. The Bible stories ARE FUNNY, and The King James Virgin makes going through the stories fun. I can totally see how this show was born: two friends making jokes about the wild stories they remember from Sunday School, and their third, less brainwashed friend saying, “wait, what? Are you for real?”

Justin and I are listening to the whole podcast together from the very beginning. It starts out with a bang, one of my favorite Bible stories of Jonah and the Whale (most people don’t know the whole story and it’s much weirder and funnier than it gets credit for.) And just gets better from there.

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