The Time for Change – October Podcast Roundup

NGS wrote a really thoughtful review of the King James Virgin on her blog, The Time for Change. Thank you!

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From The Time for Change:

Have we ever talked about what a heathen I am? It actually doesn’t look like we’ve covered my religious background here on this blog because I am essentially areligous. It just doesn’t cross my radar. I know other people go to church/synagogue/mosque because I’m not a moron, but I never have. I don’t even THINK about religion. My celebration of religious holidays is so secular my mother-in-law used to sob at my soul. My husband’s family is quite religious and I’ve been to a lot of Catholic ceremonies, but beyond thinking of it as a familial obligation, it’s not a thing I think about.

But because I’ve never had an interest in or education of religion, I miss A TON of allegory in modern life

The King James Virgin is the podcast made JUST FOR ME. Two dudes, Alan and Adam, who grew up in Protestant homes, going to church, Sunday school, and religious schools in their childhoods, tell their heathen friend Nick stories from the Bible. It has been so eye-opening for me that I can’t even tell you. I was even able to win a Bible-based argument with my husband about how many times Jesus spit on someone in the Bible (a conversation I provoked because I knew the answer and I was SO PROUD) because of this podcast. It is three. He spit on people three times to heal them. As you do.

Anyway, I don’t know if I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone. If you, for instance, are a true believer, you might find the whole podcast a bit heretical. If you already know your Bible stories, this will not be your cup of tea. But if you’re an ignoramus like me, go forth and finally understand why the dove always has an olive branch! [NGS]